New Version of Winforms coming soon

During the C.A.R. Expo in San Jose a few weeks ago, Stacey Harmon got some news from Albert Tran, the Director of Training and Technology Services for CAR.


Winform will be rebranded as Zipform 6 and will be released with some new much needed features on November 16th 2009.

  • For you Mac fans you will now have the ability to use Zipform (Winform) on your computer without needed Parallels or VMware Fusion.
  • For those of you having problems while running 64-bit windows and trying to use Zipform (Winform), your problems will be solved.
  • Yes, for those who might ask. Winform/Zipform should work just fine on Windows 7 including the 64-bit version.

For more information you can go here to read more: Zipform 6

And also watch the Video interview of Albert Tran below.

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