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Hello from the interwebs. It has been a busy month since RE Bar Camp SD and NAR San Diego. I have been working away helping Realtors with their Technology, setting up WordPress, tweaking wordpress, Tweeting away on Twitter, putting faces on Facebook, and more.

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PEBKAC = P.roblems E.xisting B.etween K.eyboard A.nd

Since Inman Connect this past August (and at RE Bar Camp SD) I have been requested to hold special niche Internet Technology Training Labs at a central location in Orange County. These labs will be more like Tech Support classes where you will learn the confidential secrets of a Technology Expert so you can start to become Tech Savvy yourself.

The first lab session is all about the new WordPress Agent Press blogging platform and is scheduled for Tuesday, December 29 from 1pm until 5pm.

The goal and end result after this 4-hour tech lab?  A beautiful, search engine friendly personalized real estate blog to kick off the new year with in 2010!

It is amazing what you will receive and learn in this lab session.

Unsure if you can learn from this type of lab? Watch the testimonial video:

Don’t  have a clue to anything about WordPress and Blogging? Then this first lab is what you need. You will learn:

  • To install WordPress
  • To install Themes
  • Install Plugins
  • Modify the theme with your logo
  • How to operate your new blog
  • Setup Google Analytics
  • Setup Feedburner
  • Integrate Facebook and Twitter (if you want)
  • and much more

What else do you get with the class?

  • A complete Blog ready to Rock
  • A FREE copy of AgentPress Real Estate Theme (*)
  • Help modifying the theme with your color pallete and logo (*)

You will also leave with more than just a free copy of a Theme.

  • You will have a complete Professional looking blog
  • You will know what to do with it
  • You will know how to take care of it
  • You will be a blogger

Before contacting me to signup for these tech labs see what others have to say:

What does all this cost? To get what you will be getting in this tech lab with One-on-One personal coaching this whole package would cost from $500-$700. Currently this tech lab will be offered at the introductory rate of $250.00. The class is expected to take approx 4 hours.

Class size will be limited to 5 attendees. If you want your blog up and running before the new year starts
contact me NOW! so I can make sure there will be room.
If you have any question you can also call as well:
Fill in the form to get Signed Up NOW!

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  1. Nashville TN Real Estate on February 27, 2010 at 5:42 pm

    Please email me if you develope a internet training video for WordPress intergration.

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