Virus’ are spreading for Mac OSX

Mac people say their beloved machines cannot be infected. That is a completely un-true statement. Currently there are a lot of reports of Fake Virus’ getting installed by tricking the user to install the Virus.

I will say that this virus still requires the user to type in their password before it installs, so it is not a true self replicating and infecting virus. This is more of a phishing scam.

Here are some reports on it:

Ars Technica
PC World – May 2nd
PC World – May 3rd
Secure Mac

Here is some information on cleaning it:

Bleeping Computer

It looks as this is a fairly simple clean procedure.

What do we learn from this?

Users can be duped on any platform. If you using an Anti Virus program remember it’s name. That way when something pops up and says your infected and the program name is different than the Anti Virus you are using then you know it’s a scam and you shouldn’t install it.

I do find joy (sort of) in this moment. A little snicker and finger pointing at my Mac Zealot friends. 😀
I do not find joy in having to learn to clean Mac’s

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  1. Shuvo on December 18, 2011 at 8:46 am

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