Who am I and what am I doing here anyways?

The question is asked many times and sometimes I wonder as well.

Who Am I?

Asking who I am or what I do is a legitimate question and sometimes requires a lengthy answer and sometimes a sort answer.

So let’s start shall we….

Who are you?

I am Loren Nason

What do I do?

The short answer: I fix stuff, I make stuff, I talk about stuff, I do a lot of stuff.

Let’s expand on the stuff I do (the longer answers)

I can build websites (see portfolio examples)
I can setup small business networks (routers, switches, servers, workstations, etc)
I have managed and setup Electronic Time Clocks (internet based)
I can setup a Microsoft Exchange Server
I have setup Cisco Routers
I have setup many wireless networks
I have installed car stereos
I educate people on the use of their technology
I educate people how to use wordpress
I make mugs (I have a mug press and printer to make mugs)

I created Alien Sand (www.aliensand.com)
I setup Google Apps for small to medium business and the self employed.
I can rebuild an engine in a car (done it a few times)
I do my own brake jobs on my cars
I don’t do my own oil changes because I don’t want to have to dispose of the oil.
I make computers into picture frames (see pictures of magic mirror)

Best of all:
I am a husband (www.thepixelmom.com)
I am a father

The list can keep going but I’ll stop here

What does this all mean? Are you a Jack of All – Master of None?

Heck no. What this all means is that I have so much experience in so many facets of technology and how things work that I can lead many business in their decisions of technology implementation and how the use of said technology will impact their business.

How can I help you?

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