Email Tracking with Google Apps or Gmail

Don’t you wish Google Apps or Gmail had read receipts like Outlook? Outlook were great way back in the dark ages. But they became useless because theĀ recipientĀ could choose to not send them. I was using an addon for Google Chrome that integrated with Google Apps that had good tracking, but the company went caput and shut off the service.

I saw this post at AG Beat on Email tracking and I had to share.

They featured these two products. Both are free for now, but I suspect they will go paid solution someday.

Yesware was the first. It has some nifty features.

Read the article here:

Right Inbox is the tracking solution. It seams simple than Yesware. This is not a bad thing, I just don’t need all the features of Yesware.

Read the article here on Right Inbox:


You can’t have both extensions running at the same time.
Notifications from Right Inbox is and email sent to you.
Notifications from Yesware is a popup on the screen.
I like RightInbox notifications better
Yesware’s integration into the browser is awesome.
Right Inbox integration is great, but Yesware has neat features when first activated.

I can’t decide yet.

Here are videos of each

Right Inbox:


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