What do your customers prefer?

Do they want to use your Facebook page or come to your website?

AllFacebook.com reports here from a study by Get Satisfaction and IncyteGroup that people don’t want to interact with you on your Facebook Page overall and would rather come to your website. This is a must read:

Should you be using WordPress?

Of course I would say yes, but that would be self serving. IMO, for the average business it doesn’t matter if you are using WordPress or not. What matters if that you have a simple website that potential customers can use to find out what you do and contact you. If you are not going to try to grow your internet presence then a full feature WordPress solution may be a waste of your time and money.

Should you even have a website? 

Yes, even if it is just a one page nothing fancy/schmancy with your phone number email and address.

Do people care what your email address is?

Whether it’s funkysalesmachine@aol.com

IMO Yes. What consumers think. Not to much, but if you have an AOL address they notice.

Do they care what cell phone you have?


No, they just want you to answer the darn thing and respond to text messages.

Do they care if you are Mac or Windows?

What matters is you know how to use it.
And it’s not Windows 95

Want to find out more about your customers and what they think?

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