Does anyone use FeedBurner anymore?

I still use it here and all my other sites that have been around in a while.

Do I set it up anymore on new sites?

Sometimes I do. The only reason I used FeedBurner was to enable RSS to email w/o having to signup at MailChimp / Aweber / Constant Contact / Etc. Technically those services are better but for those who really didn’t care at first about their mailing list I would start them out at FeedBurner.

Is FeedBurner going away?

Their Twitter account is being shut down.

The FeedBurner API is being shutdown. Technically depricated May 2011 and official shutdown Oct 2012

If you use FeedBurner what should you do?

FeedBlitz would be a great alternative and it’s free if you don’t use the Email feature

If you wanted email subscription and didn’t want to pay FeedBlitz for email subscriptions what would I do?

Use FeedBlitz still for RSS subscriptions and then pair it with MailChimp free account for email list subscriptions.

What happens to all all the people that are subscribers to my feedĀ if FeedBurner goes away?

That’s a sticky problem. If you have many subscribers to your FeedBurner RSS feed than I would suggest setting up a new feed service or just switching to the standard ‘/feed’ url of your site. What ever you decide to do you need to tell your subscribers now. If you wait until FeedBurner doesn’t work anymore then no one will get the Post in their feed.


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  1. lorennason on August 30, 2012 at 8:06 am

    Found this via Mike Mueller today. More info on switching with some good links.

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