Import/Export Outlook 2007/2010 Categories

Have you migrated Outlook to a new computer? Are you missing your categories? I have found a simple solution.

Recently I was migrating a clients email from their in-house Exchange Server and Outlook to using Office 365 Hosted Exchange and Outlook.

During the migration I needed to create a new profile in Outlook to connect to Office 365. The problem is the categories didn’t transfer. Client was disappointed because he had over 100 custom categories.

Solution Found:

Transfer Master Outlook Categories. It’s a spreadsheet that has custom programming (VBA) in it. What you do if open the spreadsheet on the exporting profile or computer. Then tell the spreadsheet to ‘read’ the categories.

After that you save spreadsheet and move to new computer or open new outlook profile and tell the spreadsheet to write the categories to Outlook.

Done. Easy Peasy

This tool found hereĀ

Or download zip here

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