Own your Instagrams with Pressgram

Instagram is the super duper for all you mobile photo junkies. It has all those fancy hipster filters and publishes and stuff. I’ve never used it.

I’ve been asked at times how to get Instagram to post to your WordPress blog. There are lot’s of “solutions” to coble it together.

There is a new solution at KickStarter that needs your help.


support-pressgramWhat is it?
This is an app for iOS that will basically send pictures with fancy filters to your WordPress powered site.

Is it Free?
Yes, you are helping an entrepreneur build it and be part of the community that supports it.

Android or Windows?
Maybe but not at this time.

Because it’s cool and it is better to own your photos than Facebook owning them.

What do you get if you support it?
Kudos, stickers and more

My friend Chris Lema (who is awesome) will give you even more if you kick in some change

  • If you support the project for $50-100, Chris Lema will give you a copy of my 2 eBooks plus the one I’m writing right now.
  • If you support the project for $101-1,000, Chris Lema will give you a free 1-2 hour skype consulting call. (check out what others say about Chris Lema )
  • If you support the project for $1,001-3,000, Chris Lema will help you or your team with a project (web site, PowerPoint presentation, getting virtual teams right, etc)

What will I give you if you kick in?

I will match Chris’ second offer.
If you kick in between $101-1,000, I will give you a free 1-2 hour consulting call (skype or cell)

You have 4 days (April 15th 12:08am EDT)

Kick in here: