Archive Google Apps Email to Google Drive

A client whom I setup on Google Apps asked for an easy way to export emails from Google Apps to Google Drive to then be able to save to DVD/CD/etc.

This can be done easily by just choosing the “save to Google drive” when printing the email. This works great for 1 or 2 emails but isn’t efficient for hundreds of emails.

So off to the interwebs to search for a solutions (using Google search of course)

I found a solution:

Marcello Scacchetti wrote this tutorial and Google Script using Google Docs to do what the client needed to be done.

I followed Marcello’s directions and it worked. His script was missing a few requirements for my client so I modified the script to add into the PDF  ‘date’, ‘ time’, ‘to:’, ‘from:’. My modifications work but the resulting PDF isn’t pretty and it’s still a work in progress.

How to use my script (directions similar to his directions)


Open link to my Google Doc Script – Archive Email to Google Drive – mod by Your Local Tech

Step 2:

Click menu item called “Gmail Archiver” and select “Initialize”. You should see an authorization request like the following:


Press “OK” button to authorize and follow the authorization process.

Step 3:

Now click again  on ”Gmail Archiver” menu and select “Initialize”. You should see now a confirmation box about the successful initialization of the script.

Step 4:

Now go to Email and add the label “Archive to Drive” to each message you want to archive:

Step 5:

Go back to the spreadsheet document and click  on ”Gmail Archiver” menu and select “Archive Gmail Messages”. After some seconds you should see a message like:


Step 6:

Go to Google Drive and inside folder “Email Archive” and you should see a new folder representing the exported email message. The script creates a folder for each message and any attachments.


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