Where have I been and Where am I going

I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 years since my last post here at Your Local Tech. Actually I can, but still find it amazing.

Why did I stop posting? 

Did I go out of business? Nope, still working tech and WordPress but I changed my focus in 2013. I paired down some of the services I provided so I could better focus on those who needed me.

Did I do anything else interesting in the past 2 years.

YES! and it is still a continuing project that has been a HUGE learning experience.

What have I also been doing?

My brother (Jesse) and I started a Cold Brew Coffee company called Diesel Brew. Of course the site runs WordPress and I’ve blogged a bit there.

You may have seen us around Orange and LA County or maybe even at a WordCamp.

What’s next for this year?

More laser focus on Your Local Tech and Diesel Brew.

With Your Local Tech I will only be focusing on clients that I can meet all their needs with a strong focus in maintenance and management. To help with time management for clients Your Local Tech may also go from an “Only Me” company to a another employee/partner. Stay Tuned.

With Diesel Brew we are focusing on growing our distribution and also ramping up our Nitro Keg Coffee offering.



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