Technology Moves Fast but the Change in Use is Faster

You now that life moves fast but technology moves fast as well. I’m not referring to advances in computing power or how tech becomes smaller/lighter/etc.


I’m talking about implementation and use of technology in your business and communication. When you choose to implement a technology you need to embrace and use that technology. After you decide to take the plunge you should create a plan to use and follow through on it’s use to stay up to speed on the trends of how to use it.

If you bought an iPhone and just use it as a simple phone to text/make calls and nothing else then you are missing out on it’s power.

If you have a WordPress site built and want to blog on it then fail to do so you are missing out on it’s power.

When you fail to use any new technology that you purchase you also loose out on keeping up with best ways to use that tech.

How do you solve this dilemma of implementing tech products but not using them?

One thing is to find a local MeetUp that focuses on the subject you want to keep up on. A great one in Orange County is SMMOC it meets on Saturday mornings from 9-11am. It’s not every week but when it’s in session it’s a great place to learn from others using technology for their business.

Find out here -> SMMOC on MeetUp

You can of course hire someone for monthly mentoring/training sessions. But sometimes it is better to seek out local meetups to learn from others and to also help foster new ideas that someone can help you implement AND maintain.

Is there anything else you can do?


Stop trying to implement every new fangled toy/tech that comes out. Just because someone else says it’s new and should be added to your business doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

How do you determine if it’s right for your business?

Of course you can ask me. But also don’t only take my word for it. Just because I have an opinion still doesn’t mean it’s the right opinion for your business. Ask many more people. Look at others in your industry to see what they are doing.


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