You can’t just switch platforms

Has someone told you to “Just use Google Apps” (or anything else)

Switching to a new service or product is always a good thing to consider especially if it helps your business make more money, gain effeiciency or just looks cool. The problems that arise are the things you have to perform when switching platforms. How much time/money will you have to spend to get the new platform up and running for you and your team.

Switching from Outlook to Google Apps

I will always support this decision for most solo-preneurs and small companies. But switching from Outlook/Exchange or some other email solution does come with questions you need to answer.

  • Can you do it yourself?
  • Will you migrate your old email?
  • Will you migrate contacts/calendar
  • How will you integrate product X with Google Apps
  • What if that product doesn’t work with Google Apps?

There are many questions you don’t know to ask and even I can’t tell you them because every scenario is different. This is where my support plans can come in handy and you have someone to call.

Know all the possible issue before making a switch

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