Why doesn’t tech support ……

resolving-the-issueWhy doesn’t tech support answer the phone?

It’s usually because they are on the phone already. I know many of you hate Support Tickets but there is a reason to the madness of them. The main reason is so tech support people like myself can keep track of those we are helping.

Why doesn’t tech support call me back?

This depends on who you are calling. If you are calling some service provider where you pay for service and not support, then they don’t really care that much about you honestly. You are not paying them for support. You are only paying them for the “service”. If the service goes down then they will fix it when they can within their service contract.

Now for those products you paying for a managed support plan, there could be many reasons. It could be they are busy, they forgot, they are on the phone, or they haven’t fixed your problem yet.

Why does tech support not tell me what the problem was after they fixed it

When it comes to IT work I have at times told people that “it’s fixed” when I have no idea how it got fixed. The reason we don’t know why is because the exact reason could not be found it was easier to “just reboot”.

When it comes to web hosting the resolution is usually the same “just reboot”.

It’s only after the “problem” becomes a consistent problem causing multi instances of down time will tech support look at finding a resolution to the problem.

Sometimes we don’t tell you because it’s a really technical answer and it’s just easier to say that we fixed it.

Why don’t they fix it faster?

These things take time. Sometimes it’s because they are actively fixing another issue. But most of the time it’s just because it takes time to fix things.

How do you get better support?

Quality support is not free. You should sign up with a managed service provider to help you with all of your needs.

  • Does this mean you signup with an Managed IT provider for your computers?
    Yes (FYI – I don’t take these on currently)
  • What about a higher priced specialized managed web host
  • But what if you still don’t know how to deal with them?
    You then signup with a company or contractor (like myself) that can manage all of your tech needs.
    This is like a part time CTO (Chief Tech Officer)

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