I bought a theme and it looks nothing like the demo

I see this statement pop up from time to time on Facebook and in Facebook groups. I do understand and I feel your pain.

Why are people upset?

I see this all the time when someone goes and buys a theme or child theme of a framework and then they expect it to magically look like the demo. Unfortunately this is not the case. Yes, most themes have a way to import the demo content. This can help with visualization of where stuff goes but now you have all this demo content that you have to replace. This doesn’t make things faster and I think can sometimes make the process take longer on setting up your site.

Is this there fault?

No, this is not your fault. It’s also not the fault of the theme developer as well IMO

Is there a solution?

No, not really. The best solution so far is the importing of demo content and then you replace the demo content with your own.

Can anyone help?

Of course I can help.


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