Business Websites are Dead


Websites are Dead, you don’t need a custom built website with your own domain name.

I saw this article on Facebook of all places “The Fallacy of Dead Or Alive Marketing” Scott Stratten of UnMarketing. It’s a great read but I’ll sumize with this:

No marketing tactic/channel is dead, nor are any alive. It’s what we do with them. Email, blogging, video, presentations, social media, trade shows, direct mail and yes, even knocking on people’s doors can work for sales and marketing. Just depends on your resources, ability and product/service being offered.

It’s perfect, don’t listen to anyone who says “that method is dead” (well unless it’s myspace). No tactic/channel is dead to you unless that tactic/channel produces no results.

Do you really need a website?

Maybe not. I’ve seen artists who only use Instagram as their marketing channel and then when a follow requests to buy one of their pieces they send them to places like etsy/ebay/amazon/custom made/etc. I’ve also seen some of these artists use Square as their ecommerce platform.

What is my point?

Use what you want to use and what works for you. Sometimes that thing that works for you is to have a website built and maintained for you. Sometimes it’s making a social channel work for you. What ever the solution is, use the solution and make it work.

Is “blogging” dead?

Nope. Stay tuned for the next article

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