25% of REALTORS have been hacked / infected

A few days ago I posted the REALTOR Technology Survery (here)

Earlier today I posted an article on why you are getting so much SPAM.

Here is one reason why.

According to this part of the survey

One quarter of respondents had been affected by hacking, viruses or spyware in the previous year, and another 27% did not know or were not sure. Of those affected, 50% reported service interruption and 35% reported unauthorized computer access. Only 33% percent of respondents are aware of written security policies that they are subject to. Less than a third of respondents receive computer security education from the MLS or brokerage. Clearly the industry needs to step up its security education and security policy awareness.

What does this mean to you?
Since this IS a blog on the Future of Real Estate Technology this is a call action.

Follow this Blog and I will tell you what to use, what to buy, and how to implement it.

The First Step.

The Second Step.
If you have a high speed connection at home (which you should)
Put a router between your computer and the internet connection.
I don?t care if you only have one computer, you STILL need to put a router on your network.
Having a Router will protect you from 90% of the crap on the internet trying to attack you.

Contact me if you have any questions.
99% of the time I do not charge for simple email support.
The other 1% of the time comes down to that I cannot explain it to you well enough
for you to implement and I will implement it for you.

Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology

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