Title Reps are selling Tablet PC’s now?

I saw this flyer sitting on a desk in a real estate office this week.

Names have been blurred to protect the guilty.


The funniest part about this flyer is that they are implying that if you buy the tablet from them you will be protected from your technology being outdated in 6 months. Doesn’t everyone know that no matter from whom you buy your technology from its outdated in 6 months.

So the question is should Title Reps be selling hardware?

I don’t think they should but they can suggest hardware or help the Realtor buy the correct products. Instead of just selling the stuff help the Realtor understand the technology and show them how it can make their business more effecient.

Should Realtors buy a tablet?
Yes and no. Yes you can have people sign docs on your tablet, but you can also perform electronic signatures with out using a tablet.

I am a tablet junkie but some people just don’t like them yet.

Vista on a tablet ROCKS.

So whats your opinion on this?

Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology

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