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Some of you may have heard that Gmail has come out of beta and you can now signup for a business account for 50 bucks per user per year.

For those of you that are Gmail junkies and want push email for your Windows Mobile Phone then here is a new product that enables Push Email for Gmail for a nominal fee.

I have not tried this and I probably won’t get around to it but if I was using Gmail I would be using it and would spend the money for it. For the ultimate email solution I am a hardcore Hosted Exchange user and I still recommend it for the ultimate solution.

Why? Because i would not have to setup my phone to check email every ‘X’ minutes instead this program enables your phone to get notification of new messages by SMS. This is the orginal way PPC phones could get email from an Exchange server.

From Qorefunction:

“QoreFunction has released PushEffect for Windows Mobile. PushEffect provides a push-like email solution that works with Gmail, Yahoo, and most POP3 and IMAP accounts. It works based on SMS messages. In case that doesn’t sound familiar, that’s how Windows Mobile used to do always up to date email before MSFP was released. However, it only worked with Exchange.”

Via PPC Thoughts

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