What is Crapware and where does it come from

Customers have asked me why does it take time to setup a new computer when I do compared to just turning it on and using it. This is because of crapware loaded on the computer.

What is Crapware?

Crapware is programs that are installed at the factory or installed along with other programs. Example – if you go download Adobe Acrobat Reader it will also install the Yahoo! toolbar unless you specifically tell it not to.

Back to why it takes a while to setup a new computer. This is because when I setup a new Dell computer (yes I will pick on Dell) I will either reinstall the OS from scratch to be able to start with a ‘clean’ computer?(No other programs installed except for Windows) or if I?don’t do a rebuild I will at least go and uninstall all programs installed from the factory that I don’t want.

Who is the worst vendor for pre-installed Crapware from the factory? Its a toss up between Toshiba and HP/Compaq. Dell is next on my list and after that would be Gateway.

How do you avoid Crapware? Overall you can’t but Dell does have an option where they will charge you $60.00 to have a Crapware free computer. (THIS IS BULL SH!T)

Why is Crapware installed on your computer?

Lets use Norton for example. Norton in my opinion sucks as an Anti-Virus product and is also the most common installed crapware/trialware on almost every new computer out there. I don’t have any facts on this but the reason why a trial version of Norton is on every new computer is because Norton pays the computer vendor a commission on every subscription gained from a trial install on a new computer. Example if you buy a new computer today it comes with a trial software of norton when it expires you might purchase the 1 year subscription. When you do that Dell gets a cut.

What kind of problems does Crapware cause?

All sorts.?Crapware causes slow startup of your computer. It can cause other programs not to run and it also takes up valuable system resources that can be better allocated to other running programs.

What should you do?

Uninstall any program you don’t need and make sure when installing anything new that it doesn’t come with anything else. If it does come bundled with other programs ‘uncheck’ the option that installs the other software.

Watch out for Crapware!

Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology

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