Outlook 2007 not included with Office 2007 Home and Student Edition


If you are buying a new computer with Office 2007 or are planning on buying Office 2007 be aware that Outlook is no longer included with the cheapest package. Office Student Teacher Edition.

Previously Office 2003 Student Teacher Edition included Outlook. Now the version of Office 2007 to replace that package is called: Office 2007 Home and Student Edition and it does not come with Outlook.

Here is a way that you could possibly get Outlook 2007 for free. Signup for a Hosted Exchange account that offers Outlook 2007 with your signup and then cancel it and keep the copy of Outlook. Probably not ethical but……..

While your at it try using the hosted exchange. You probably will never go back. I was offering hosted exchange accounts and still will if you want me to do it for you, but you can get more space at half the price and 1&1 6.99 per month 1gig of storage.

Chad over at My Tech Opinion gave an excellent write up here on why to go hosted exchange. Yes some of you will say use google apps but in my opinion nothing beats an exchange server (yet).

Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology

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