Daylight Savings Change Saved No Power


So did everyone have fun making sure you had the correct patches installed for the DST change? Well, it was a waste of time.

While there were no major infrastructure problems (internet, TV, etc..) it was a major incovienence to those who had to install patches on systems and then manually change the time for those systems that still would not update correctly. Supposedly this change was going to be minor with the potential energy savings to be GREAT. Thats what the politicians behind this move told us (who listens to them).

As it turns out, the US Department of Energy (and almost everyone else except members of Congress) was correct when they predicted that there would be little energy savings. This echoed concerns voiced after a similar experiment was attempted in Australia. Critics pointed out a basic fact: the gains in the morning will be offset by the losses at night, and vice-versa, at both ends of the switch. That appears to be exactly what happened.

Reuters spoke with Jason Cuevas, spokesman for Southern Co. power, who said it plainly: “We haven’t seen any measurable impact.” New Jersey’s Public Service Enterprise Group said the same thing: “no impact” on their business.
From ArsTechnica

So while our goverment shmucks congratulate themselves for a job well done, we know that in fact their little plan (energy savings) was a complete waste of time. Can we Invoice them for the time we spent fixing all our tech toys?

In short, I’m moving to a state that doesn’t move the freakin time around twice a year. Arizona here I come, or one of the other states (I don’t remember which).

Thank you Congress for a job not-well done as usual.

Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology

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