Cheap Internet Based Storage

I am always looking for Cheap Data storage that is easily accessible.

I have found what seems to be the best solution to date. I have tried using Amazon’s S3 service which is cool, but is super geek stuff right now and not really for the general public.

I found this company and they offer whats called a WebDAV server. Here are the capacities they offer.

  • 100 gigabytes of storage for $199 a year
  • 50 gigabytes of storage for $99 a year
  • 25 gigabytes of storage for $49 a year
  • 15 gigabytes of storage for $29 a year
  • 10 gigabytes of storage for $19 a year

What is WebDAV and why does this companies offering ROCK?

Non-technical description = WebDAV is a way to map a drive as a drive letter on your machine and this drive is located on the internet.

Why does it ROCK?

Since BingoDisk storage is accessed over the internet, you can read and write your files from any computer using an operating system that is WebDAV capable (Windows XP, Mac OSX, most flavors of Unix). And you can download your files with any web browser and you can even make a DNS entry to publish the data. Ex:

Where do you signup?

Here ->

Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology


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