Battery Life – What Mobile REALTOR’s Want

If you are planning on getting a new laptop you should REALLY look into getting a Tablet PC. There are some new Tablets coming out that are just beautiful. Some of these Tablets are coming with some impressive battery options.

Take a look at this post over at Gotta Be Mobile about the Ultra Slim 6-cell battry and expansion base for the HP 2710p (yes this tablet is on my list for my new toy). When Rob hooked up this extra battery Vista is showing over 9 hours of battery life. WOW!


What you may not know that if you can probably get an extra battery for your laptop you currenlty have know. If your laptop has a removable CD/DVD drive than your manufacturer might sell a battery that fits in there. If you need more battery life then go the your manufacturer’s website and look under accessories for finding the 2nd battery.

Now go and get more power to help your so your technology can help your Real Estate business become more time efficient and make you a Mobile Realtor Warrior.

Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology

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