Dash GPS + Zillow = ???

?zillow gps

Dash GPS announced during a Web 2.0 conference that they will providing an open API for mashing up their Cellular-equipped navigator with webapps.

During the conference they gave Brian Lam from Gizmodo a demonstration. They have a video posted showing the unit in action. Video: DashGPS + Zillow

Is this a Future Real Estate Technology tool? It’s a strong possibility.

I can see a REALTOR or a Brokerage getting someone to write an application that uses the API provided by Dash and then having a few of these on hand to give out to clients that want to go house hunting. You can have each Dash give directions to houses listed for sale that are within the buyer’s price range.

On another note, will Dash be the first company to bring location based advertising (that works) to the car? Could you imaging the possibilities? So you have a web enabled GPS in your car and while you’re driving around you get an ad on the screen telling you that the house on the left is a 4br 2ba and just had a 50k price reduction.

More information about their product at this post by Dash?

Maybe Dash will be at the NAR Conf in Vegas next week and they will be giving demonstrations?

Loren Nason
Future of Real Estate Technology

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