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Many of you have asked to be notified about the upcoming Marketing Events being put on by Dustin Luther and Jim Marks.

Dustin has announced the dates for the first 3 events. If you are in the SoCal area you don’t want to miss coming to one of these events.

Who are these People?

Dustin Luther (Rain City Guide, 4REALZ.NET) and Jim Marks (Virtual Results) are real estate Internet professionals with years of experience teaching Realtors how to get REAL value out of the internet.

What will be you learn?

  • Learn why your current website is failing and how to develop a site that will attract traffic, convert traffic to leads and leads to commissions.
  • Learn how to engage in existing social networks that have relevant consumers so that you can quickly create an internet presence.
  • Learn how to use a blog to create a local destination website that fosters community and positions you as the dominant local real estate authority.
  • Learn how to take control of your Marketing dollars by tracking, measuring and evaluating ALL your marketing activities to ensure you only invest marketing dollars that PAY YOU BACK!

Why should you attend?

In this Full One Day Seminar, Dustin and Jim will strip away years of poor advice given to Realtors by companies trying to sell products and teach you simple, step by step methods to get REAL value out of your internet marketing activities.

What are the Dates?

Los Angeles, March 6
San Diego, March 19
Orange County, March 31

So, what’s the cost of a 4REALZ Education?

Only $149 for a full-day course that includes a light breakfast and a full lunch! This will be the most informative 8 hours that you will likely ever spend on real estate education.

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I urge everyone who is in the area to attend one of these events.

Loren Nason
Real Estate Technology Coach

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