RSS Awareness Day

May 1st is RSS Awareness Day. Many of our customers ask,
“What is RSS and why should I use it?”

I will answer the why first.

Do you like to read multiple newspapers or magazines? If so do you go out driving all around town to find the magazines and newspapers you want to read? Of course not. You subscribe to all your favorite periodicals and have them delivered to your house.

RSS is the technology behind Subscribing to websites. So instead of having to visit each website to see if there is anything new you can subscribe using the RSS feed published on almost any website. Just look for this symbol (colors may vary).

If you subscribe to all the sites you want to read then you do not have to spend time visiting each site you want to read.

What program do you use to read your RSS feeds? You use a feed reader. The best reader to start with for the beginner is Google Reader and you can start here ->

Here is a video from Common Craft explaining RSS

Will you start using RSS yet?

Loren Nason
Real Estate Technology Coach

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