How to move the Windows Task Bar

Since Windows 95 was released Windows has what’s called the Task Bar. The task bar is that bar at the bottom of your screen (by default) that has the start button, shows running programs, shortcuts, icons of background programs running, and the clock.

Did you know you can move the task bar. I had a customer call me over the weekend and couldn’t figure out how the task bar had moved. I’ve seen this many times as an accidental click&drag can make the task bar move if you aren’t paying attention.

To move the task bar all you need to do is click and drag the bar to the top or the left/right side and let go and the task bar will move. If it doesn’t work that means the task bar is locked and you will need to unlock the task bar before trying to move it.

To unlock the task bar you will need to right click on it and on the menu that will appear, uncheck “lock the task bar”. To lock the task bar do the same right click and check “lock the task bar”. To do the check/uncheck all you need to do is click on the menu item of “lock the task bar”.

To help you visualize I found a video on You Tube for you to watch.

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