Please use a Modern Browser

What is a Browser?

A browser is the program you use to view Web Sites

What browser do you use?

Most of the people I meet still use Internet Explorer

What browser should you use?

If you are on a Windows PC = use Google Chrome
If you are on a Mac = use Google Chrome

I know you are thinking “But I can’t, I use a website that needs Internet Explorer”

For those of you in this situation YOU MUST LEARN to use two browsers. Use Internet Explorer for your specific “problem” websites and use Chrome for everything else.

Now I know your saying “I don’t want to learn another browser, or use two”

Fine by me. You can keep paying me to come out and clean your computer from Virus’ everytime a new exploit is found for Internet Explorer. Average Charge for a Virus Cleanup = $150.00

But, but, but ….

No Buts, Get with the program and upgrade.

Where to get it

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