Choosing a Plugin is only half the solution

You’ve asked your friends. You’ve asked your networking groups. You even made a sacrifice to the techno gods to get the answer you need and no you have chose to buy Plugin X to because it will do “things”.

Now you have bought (or a free one), installed and activated your plugin. Now the magic happens right?

Half Built

Half Built

Unfortunately no. Nothing happens when you install the plugin. It won’t magically bring you  1000’s signups to your email list. You won’t start generating $10k in sales every hour. It will do nothing because you haven’t done anything to make it work.

What do you do then?

Dive In

Dive In

There is no way around it. You have to dive right in a learn how to use the plugin and make it perform to your will. Start with tutorials put out by the plugin maker. Then look for blog posts of others using the same plugin and see what they do.

Are you stuck and still can’t get the plugin to work?

This is where I come in where I can setup the plugin and even manage/change/improve the plugin for you on a one time or monthly basis.

The process of learning and using a plugin to it’s fullest is not a quick process for everyone.

Some plugins might only take a little bit of time because you don’t need it to do much except 1 small thing. If you get into the email marketing / pop up plugin / “do something fancy” plugin then you could be looking at a couple hours or so.

The time that has to be spent is not because the plugin is hard. The time is to fine tune the plugin to look and do what you want. Some plugins you could end up tweaking changing on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. I can help you with this. Need help?

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