Full Video Background Landing Page with Genesis & Beaver Builder

I was thinking it would be neat (it’s been done before) to create a lead gen type of landing page with a video background.

What I used:

Beaver Builder
Genesis Dambuster

How I set the page settings before setting up the page with Beaver Builder

Step 1:

Create page and set template to Landing Page


Step 2:

Check box for Genesis Dambuster “Enable Tweaks”


Step 3:

On the Genesis Dambuster tab ‘template width’ check the box for Full Width. On all the other tabs check all the boxes for “remove”

Beaver Builder setup of the video landing page

Step 1:

Add a row with “width/content width” at Full and Height at Full


Step 2:

Set the background to Video and choose your MP4 and WebM video. You can also choose a fallback image for mobile devices. You can also play with overlay colors on the video.

row-step1 row-step2

Step 3:

Add boxes to the row for intro and signup form


All done

See example here -> Video Landing Page




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