Create a Form that will Send a Coupon by Text/SMS

There was a question on the OC WordPress Facebook Group about sending a coupon via a text message from a WordPress website.


Normally I would say “let’s find a Gravity Forms solution” and I went down that road. I found a couple posts by Chris Lema here and here. But I then I thought that Roy might not have Gravity Forms, or was looking for a free-ish solution, or wants something easy.

I spent a little more time on the Google and I found this plugin. Get Cloud SMS. They even have a lite version Joy of Text Lite. This plugin looks pretty slick. Yes, I only used the light version but the paid version is only $65 bucks for 1 site. They have other extensions for scheduling messages, comment notifications, WooCommerce extension, Member Mouse and Easy Digital Downloads. Oh and if you buy the paid version you will get Gravity Forms integration and so much more.

What I did:

Step 1:

Install the Joy of Text Lite version

Step 2:

Setup a Twilio account and get a number (local #’s are $1.00 a month and $2 for toll free). Also during the setup you need to turn on Programmable SMS and make sure URL shortening is turned on.



Step 3:

Get keys from Twilio and setup plugin



Step 4:

Setup form


Step 5:

Create page and insert form with shortcode provided on form setup.

See it in action here -> Get a Free Tip

Step 6:

Tell people about it, collect phone numbers and make millions.

Sending the Coupon:

To send a coupon you will upload a image to your media library, get the link (ex:, paste the link into your welcome message and then turn on


After you have the numbers you can even send a message manually to everyone in your list. Great for sending out sale notifications. Just don’t abuse this and piss off your potential customers. The paid plugin has so many features. I’m going to have to buy a copy.


Total Cost:

1 hour of time while watching Shark Tank
1 plugin = free
$20 = fund Twilio




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