Is the vSeeBox v2 Pro the Best Android IPTV

A member had called because they purchased a vSeeBox from a neighbor and the person who sold it couldn’t figure out how to make it work in there house. I made a house call to help set it up and found it quite interesting. Of course I got it to work, that part was easy.

What is an Android IPTV

It’s basically an external box that runs the Android OS and makes your tv a “Smart TV”

What is the vSeeBox

It is advertised as the “Best Fully Loaded Android TV Box in North America” (there words). Is it the best, I don’t know but it is the first one I ever setup and it was really easy to use and set up. I was so amazed by the product I may start offering these to members.

The member was trying to reduce their TV subscription because they had satelite service that has horrendous on pricing. They were spending $180 a month (internet was different company). They paid a little under $300 for this box and in 1 day we set up all their channels they liked and canceled their satellite service. They will save over $2000 a year with an initial $300 outlay.

Internet requirements

Yes, you need good and stable internet.  A google search tells me some people use Starlink Internet to connect it seems to work. The member I helped was using a Verizon 5g internet in their home (that I setup as well)

Is it legal?

The member asked this because the person who sold this to them said to get a VPN. I had to explain how VPN’s worked and why the person told them to get one. We opted not to get a VPN since the member was not going to be streaming any movies.

So is it legal? Well it’s legal to own it.

Should you get one?



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